How to Select Glossmeter?

How to Select Glossmeter?

  We may notice that in our daily life that this material is low glossy, like leather, automobile interior, cloth, paper, etc, while that material is high glossy, so shining like mirror, stainless steel, pearl paint, film etc. In all these conditions, glossmeter is a kind of useful instrument to measure surface gloss. 

1. Confirm which angle for your suitable application;

Glossmeter includes five common angles: 20掳 60掳 85掳 45掳 75掳 , different angles has different application below:

a. 20掳 (>70 GU): High gloss paint, printing ink, plastics, metal and other materials;

b. 60掳 (30 鈥 70 GU): Semi gloss paint, printing ink, plastics, ceramics, marble and other materials;

c. 85掳 (<30 GU): Low gloss paint, camouflage coatings, leather and other materials;

d. 45掳锛 Plastic film;

e. 75掳锛 Printing paper;

The most common single angle we use is 60 degree, since it can cover most material gloss range.

Dual angles or TRI angles normally for strict gloss measurement, control one material gloss from different angles. The material must have each correct gloss value from combination of 20掳 60掳 85掳, 20掳 60掳, 60掳 85掳 and 20掳 45掳 75掳.

2. After selecting which angle is suitable, then cofirm your material is high gloss or low gloss;
For example, 60 degree has measuring range 0-200GU, 0-1000Gu and 0-2000Gu, same with other angles.
  If your material is just within the common semi gloss range, then 0-200GU is enough for your application.
  If your material is kind of glossy, then consider 0-1000GU;

  If your material is high shining, choose 0-2000GU.

3. The above conditions is important, which can ensure your material is tested by correct glossmeter model.
After that, you may consider other extra functions, "do you need software to connect PC to transfer, build and print database" "do you need average measurement function to test material from different position" "do you need auto or manual measurement", etc. Surely with more functions, glossmeter price will be more expensive, so please consider your budget.

In MeterGlobal, we could provide the most complete series glossmeter, different angles, different measuring ranges and a lot of advanced functions for different customers' options.
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