How to Select Colorimeter

How to Select Colorimeter

  We use rule to measure length, scale for weight, and there must be one device to measure color, yes, that is it, COLORIMETER.

  Many customers face the same problem, that how to select suitable colorimeter, they just know the measuring sample, and for what purpose with colorimeter.

  For example, one customer says he is engaged in plastic industry, and want to control color difference with different batch. Another customer says he is doing printing work, and need to test CMYK by spectrophotometer, And that customer says he does coating mixing job, better know the color recipe to do match, etc. Ok, let's discuss these issue one by one.

1. The first important step is to select right aperture, which ensure device can measure your sample.

  Normally device with small aperture 4mm, common aperture 8mm and large aperture 20mm or 40mm, different aperture match different sample surface character. 

If your sample is with arc, cambered and small surface, then select smaller aperture 4mm, becauce only small aperture can touch or cover your sample without outlight filtering into device.

If your sample is normal, just flat, then select 8mm, device can be on your sample closely wherever, no worry about outlight influencing data.

If your sample is textured, uneven and wet, select bigger aperture 20mm, which can measure as more surface as it can, measuring more surface means covering more textured and uneven color, so you can imagine data is measured comprehensively, more stable.

2. The second step is to know your actual needs.

  If just control color difference, basic model is enough to perform that function. While if you need high presicion, software, more color space, like LCH, RGB, CMYK, etc, more light source, like D50, F11, A, etc, more color difference formulas, like delta Lch, Luv, Hunter, then please find the exact model that match your needs.

3. The last point, you must consider is budget. 

  Every customer wants precise colorimeter if budget permitting. But different models with different accuracy, softer, color space, light source, price differs a lot, suitable model with affordable price is exactly the right choice.

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