LAB Color Difference Formula

CIE1976LAB Color Difference Formula

  CIE recommended CIELAB color space, and at same time, recommend correspongding color difference formula △E✱ab as below:

color difference formula

 The advantage of color difference formula △E✱ab is to reflect psychological feeling about object color, when color difference is greater than human visual recognition value (just can be perceived value), but less than chromatism value of munsell system.

Ball Color Difference Standard

LAB color difference formula  

  The color difference formula △E✱ab is currently most widely used in the world, its essence is the distance between two colors in color space size.

The color difference formula △E✱ab with a numerical value states a total chromatic aberration.

The less △E✱ab numerical shows a smaller color difference, the closer the two colors on the vision.

The more △E✱ab numerical shows a greater color difference, the more different on the vision.

Box Color Difference Standard

color formula

  The box color difference with standard color as the center, with two colors difference ΔLΔaΔb as testing standard, setting space line L,a,b as color difference of recognition measurement. Like picture above, when color difference value is smaller than standard ΔLΔaΔb, sample color space will be inside the box. When color difference value is greated than ΔLΔaΔb, sample color space will be outside the box. Box color difference standard is made of standard color box center and color difference standard ΔLΔaΔb.

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